The Executive Woman is an inclusive and dynamic community created to empower, support and bring voice to the many issues faced by executive women. As the founder of The Executive Woman, Barbie Winterbottom is committed to supporting all executive women and those who aspire to be.  To ensure all voices are heard and represented, we are establishing an advisory board of amazing, strong, successful women of diverse backgrounds, nationalities, abilities and races. Our goal is to provide support, resources and meaningful community to all who join.
The Executive Woman offers three distinct ways for strong, successful women to connect with each other and find the support they need to succeed.

Join Our Private Community

The Executive Woman’s private community provides an exclusive space for women to connect, share ideas and support one another. This is a safe space, where women can be free to speak their minds, and engage in meaningful discussions without fear of judgment or discrimination. It is the perfect platform for building meaningful relationships with women who share similar goals, experiences, and challenges. Barbie has created a community that is conducive to networking, and this is an excellent opportunity to connect with women who are looking to inspire, encourage, and help you grow in your career.

The Executive Woman Podcast

This podcast is for Executive Women and those who aspire to be.
We share our lived experiences, our dreams and our challenges.
This is a safe space where we are not fighting to prove our validity.

Join Our Newsletter

The Executive Woman’s newsletter is a valuable resource for women in business. The newsletter is packed with informative articles, expert advice, and news about upcoming events. Subscribing to the newsletter is an excellent way to stay up-to-date on the latest trends and developments in your industry. Barbie has carefully curated the newsletter, selecting articles that are relevant and informative to women in business.