Thought Leadership, Speaking & Product Advisor

As a Speaker

I bring humor, storytelling, deep experience and fire to the stage to ignite and inspire your audience.  I can customize a Keynote specifically for your audience, and typically speak on things like:

  • Transformation is an Inside Job
  • The Five Imperatives for HR Pros
  • Connecting the Dots between Purpose & Profit
  • The Power of tapping into the Hidden Magic of Human Motivation

As a Thought Leader

I am honored and so grateful to host a weekly show, The Table,  that brings incredible guests and information to the HR and Business Leadership Community! 

I am committed to amplifying voices, ideas and concepts, especially voices and ideas not typically shared.  I use my platform to advocate, educate and enlighten with warmth, personal stories and experiences and as much diversity of all kinds as I can find.  

I ask the tough questions and tackle real life topics often considered taboo, to draw out deep connections between the struggles we all face in the world and in the workplace and unique ideas and perspectives on how we can improve ourselves and our work.  With warmth, humor and relatability, I find ways to help you reframe and rethink while delivering powerful content.

I am a frequent contributing writer for Forbes, Thrive and many other HR and Business publications and can be found on podcasts, webinars and interviews around the world.

As a Product Advisor

I use my vast experience in business and in the People space to help HR Tech companies craft and build the right product for the right problem. I frequently partner with sales teams to help them understand the mindset and lived experiences of HR Professionals so they can present their offering in a way that is well received and easily understood. With me as your partner, we can help take the fear away from the scary selling process and help you and your organization understand the best ways to integrate your HR Tech product into an organization.