It’s not enough to simply talk about mental health and Inclusion, we must take action, amplify voices that need to be heard and operationalize our programs to truly deliver the impact our people deserve and our workplaces desperately need. I wrote the 5 Imperatives to help HR and Leadership professionals shift their mindset and their approach to work. We must change ourselves first, if we want to change our workplaces…transformation really is an inside job.
Having been an HR Professional and an Executive, I have been a Coach, Mentor and Advocate for my entire career, it’s part of who I am and the way I work.

Today, I offer my 1:1 Executive and Career Coaching services as I recognize the gap that exists between the “Theory” of how things work and the reality of how things actually get done.  Having a coach who has been in your seat and understands the unique nuances of working in the HR and People space is game-changing.  I offer you that safe space to vent, share, cry and even scream when necessary.  I help you walk through the challenges you are facing and help you to reframe and understand the root cause, when we are often stuck in the symptom.

The work we do is emotionally, mentally and sometimes even physically draining.  No two situations are exactly the same and we say, “it depends” more than attorneys do!  I get it, I really do and I’m here to help you.

I know what it’s like to want to do what your gut tells you is the right thing when your hands are tied and you simply can’t.  I understand the fine line and balancing act HR Professionals manage between employee advocacy and being an employee yourself and the weight you carry each and everyday.

I offer you a safe space, I challenge you, I work through the obstacles with you and help create a roadmap for your personal transformation and evolution so you build the career you really want and deserve.