Hiring Squad

Recruitment & Employment Brand Marketing

You have an amazing organization and you’ve worked hard at building a culture where your employees thrive…but if no one knows about it, how will you attract and hire the best?

Attracting the RIGHT talent is essential in today’s marketplace.  You want and need to maximize every dollar spent to drive quality candidates to your organization.  It’s not only about driving volume, the key to success is to entice and attract the right talent to enhance your organization.  Posting and praying for applicants is no longer an option and sifting through 500 unqualified candidates is wasting your recruiter’s valuable time.

We have the experience and know-how to build your strategy and manage your ongoing needs.  We know what levers to pull and when to pull them to maximize visibility and interest for YOUR organization to build robust talent pipelines and keep your company’s name top of mind for both active and passive job seekers.

Training for your Talent Acquisition Team, Hiring Managers and HRBP’s

The value and impact of making a great hire and the impact and cost of making a bad hire cannot be overstated.

There is an art and a science to interviewing and selecting the best talent for your organization.  Very few people involved in the interview process truly understand HOW to execute a great interview, that’s where we come in.

Our team of experts use data, experience, and the latest technology to help you and your teams learn the importance and power of writing outstanding job postings that not only increase the volume of applications, but also the quality of those applications.  We take a highly targeted and sophisticated approach to the methodology behind writing the best job posting possible.

We also train your TA team, People Leaders and HR Team on HOW to deep dive into candidate’s background and experience, how to remove bias/prejudice from the process and why it’s so important to execute a meaningful interview and make the right hire for your team.


We are your trusted advisors and recruiting support team, we know your struggles and bring you solutions…we are your Hiring Squad!

Volume Hiring

We deliver High Volume Hiring expertise as well as hands on support for onboarding your talent, so you get the best talent and they have the best experience!We have the experience and know-how to deliver 5-500+ hires directly to you and ready to onboard. We specialize in:

  • Call Center
  • Distribution/Warehouse
  • Manufacturing
  • Hands on Labor (CDL, Mining, Construction)

Contingent & Retained Placement

We specialize in Recruiting support for HR, Operations Leadership & Confidential search.We will source, screen and present you a diverse slate of candidates to fill your open jobs.We leverage our personal networks, the power of social media and direct sourcing to ensure we identify and bring you exactly what you need.